Eons ago, we were a desperate and different people, all vying for dominance of the galaxy. Fearful… Angry… Greedy… Shaped by petty desires… When the beings called Orisha came, they showed us a better way. Worlds flourished. The peoples of the galaxy were happy. They guided us to apotheosis, transcendance from the physical reality and expansion of our Ori. Then, with a single stray thought, it was all torn apart. The mnemonic Sopona virus was discovered and spread. Worlds fell into gibbering catatonic states, others hurt themselves in unspeakable ways, and all that stood against the psychic maelstrom was the Union of Ascendancy and some of the ascendant, the Oluru, who returned. Ultimately the war was won, the Sopona virus contained, and order restored… but the secret of apotheosis was lost.
That was over 500 years ago.
In Orun, you play an envoy of the ascendant Oluru, called a Djali or Luminary. Not quite ascendant themselves, the Luminaries travel to different worlds as advisors, troubleshooters, and peacekeepers in the post-apotheosis galaxy. They explore lost star systems and ultimately help enlighten worlds and their people, waking the galaxy from its disordered indolence.
This preview contains an adventure and five pre-generated characters to introduce you to the worlds and Peoples of Orun.

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