It was hard work but we narrowed the field of 65 amazing entries to this exciting team!

newagendapublishingDavid Castro
David Castro is a Puerto Rican writer from New York City, which makes him cooler than you think he is but not as cool as he thinks he is. He has worked on the upcoming Undead supplement for Chill 3rd Edition, and you can find him on Twitter (@theinkedknight), on Tumblr (thedevilsyouknew), and at


newagendapublishingSamantha Day
Samantha Day is a writer from upstate New York. She makes Twine games, plays and runs tabletop RPGs, and sometimes streams them. You can find Sam on Twitter, and you can find her projects on She is a threat to her environment and she refuses to go extinct.



newagendapublishingTim and Kristin Devine
Tim and Kristin love to hack, design and play games. They share a passion for storytelling and together they formed Dice Up Games with several games in the process of being published. You can find more information on their website at as well as several free games.



newagendapublishingSharene Gilchrist
A veteran gamer and DM, it’s no surprise Sharene was drawn to fantasy and sci-fi from a young age – her father named her after a Conan character. She has been playing and running a wide variety of roleplaying games (tabletop and LARP) for over 25 years and has been enjoying live-streaming games in the last few years. She reads a lot, has an overactive imagination, and is also a crafter who loves to sew on her 110-year-old treadle sewing machine when she can get the cats to stop knocking things off it. You can find her as Madfishmonger online at


newagendapublishingRobert Jeffrey II
A freelance writer with over 13 years of experience, Robert was chosen along with 5 other writers (out of more than a thousand applicants,) to take part in the 2017 DC Comics Writers Workshop. He’s the creator/ writer of the Glyph Comics Award nominated/ winning comic book series Route 3, Editor In Chief of, has contributed to such anthologies like Dark Universe: Bright Empire, and is co-writer of the Glyph Comics Award nominated  Radio Free Amerika. His client work includes work done for the Centers for Disease Control and Nitto Tires, and he currently co-hosts the New Wakanda podcast.


newagendapublishingKathryn Lee
Kathryn is an avid anime, visual novel, and games-of-all-sorts enthusiast who loves to create. In 2016, she graduated with a Masters in elves and dragons Popular Fiction from the Stonecoast Creative Writing MFA Program. Recently deciding to quit her day job, she now freelance writes/edits full time for companies such as Choice of Games, interactive fiction start-up, Legendary Affinity, and now NAP! Kathryn runs on Jesus and boba, and can be found pursuing a myriad of hobbies, including but not limited to crocheting, dancing, acting in community theatre, and figure skating.


newagendapublishingAlexa Fae McDaniel
Alexa Fae McDaniel is a young author and historian soon to be featured in Maiden, Mother, and Crone: Fantastical Trans Femmes, an anthology of fantasy short stories written entirely by trans women and trans femmes. She often runs roleplaying games for children, because she believes that RPGs can be a great tool for teaching math skills, problem solving, literacy, and patience. The patience is mostly learned by trying to keep a party of children together.


Thomas Manuelnewagendapublishing
Thomas Manuel is a writer from Chennai, India. He has three plays to his credit. His latest play, Hamlet and Angad, won the Hindu Playwright Award in 2016. He works as a freelance journalist with by-lines at The Nib, The Wire, Nature Index, 3QuarksDaily, BLInk, Sunday Magazine, etc.  His journalism includes data, comics, cultural criticism, labour politics and higher education. He occasionally blogs about fantasy books and role-playing games and is looking forward to setting up a second-hand bookstore near the sea. He can be found on twitter @notrueindian.


newagendapublishingNell Raban
Nell has made a life out of crafting stories, first in the theatre and more recently as a game master and writer. She’s the author of The Others, a Powered by the Apocalypse hack about marginalized communities (coming soon to an page near you), and is attached to a number of other unannounced projects. When she’s not writing, Nell can be found wandering the streets of Chicago in search of her muse, tweeting idly as @nell_do_well or lapping at the dregs of a cup of coffee.


newagendapublishingAlex Whalen
Alex Whalen is a freelance writer and editor, previously published for creative nonfiction in Prick of the Spindle and Digital Americana Magazine. Also a prodigious writer of fantasy and science fiction stories, and a game master for the last five years known for her lengthy narrative codices, Alex is committed to honesty and inclusion in all writing, drawing on the truth and variety of the real world to breathe life into fictional ones and dream of what could be. This will be her first foray into writing professionally for roleplaying games.