Introducing Our Orun Writing Staff!


It was hard work but we narrowed the field of 65 amazing entries to this exciting team! David Castro David Castro is a Puerto Rican writer from New York City, which makes him cooler than you think he is but not as cool as he thinks he is. He has worked on the upcoming Undead supplement for […]

Call for Writers and Artists Now Live!

Thanks for your interest. Our call is now closed. Are you into tabletop RPGS? Have you ever wanted to work on a game? Are you a member of an underrepresented group in TTRPGs (Person of Color, Woman, Non-binary, Trans, Queer)? If you answered yes to all three, we’d like to hear from you!* We’re looking […]

Orun Quickstart Now Available!

Eons ago, we were a desperate and different people, all vying for dominance of the galaxy. Fearful… Angry… Greedy… Shaped by petty desires… When the beings called Orisha came, they showed us a better way. Worlds flourished. The peoples of the galaxy were happy. They guided us to apotheosis, transcendance from the physical reality and […]

Join Us at GenCon!


We’ve got an exciting schedule planned. Wednesday From 3PM-4PM join Eloy, Jerry, and a panel of other distinguished guests for We need Diverse Books…and Games Thursday From 2PM-6PM join one of our fabulous GM’s for Vaults of the Withered Tongue, The heroes are tasked by the Union of Ascendancy to oversee the construction of a […]

Dreamation Wrap-Up

Just back from Dreamation, a lovely con in picturesque Morristown New Jersey, hands down one of my favorite cons consistently. I get to reconnect with so many of the people I usually only get to interact with electronically. Saturday nights are often couch cuddle parties with my harpies and harridans around me (and a few […]

Looking for a few GenCon 2018 GMs


HELLO! Are you a person from an underrepresented group who likes GMing games? Are you going to Gencon this year? Would you like to run a game for New Agenda Publishing using, what Jerry’s mother calls, “the best game ever created by my son, this week”? We’re looking for a few good GMs to run […]

Sneak Peek: What is an Orun?


Here’s a look at one part of what we’re working on! The Oruns The Celestial homes of the Peoples of the Union of Ascendancy There were eleven known Orun, each a home world to the ten Peoples, plus the central Orun known as Prime. Each Orun is a solid shell 50,000 kilometers in diameter, with […]