From 3PM-4PM join Eloy, Jerry, and a panel of other distinguished guests for We need Diverse Books…and Games


From 2PM-6PM join one of our fabulous GM’s for Vaults of the Withered Tongue, The heroes are tasked by the Union of Ascendancy to oversee the construction of a colony on a lost Pre-Ascendancy prison world.


From 10AM-2PM join us for The Switchblade Nebula, as an ancient device discovered on Aye Sofoto calls the Luminaries to certify its power. Travel into the Switchblade Nebula is dangerous, but getting out will prove even more difficult.

Or join us for a second chance to play Vaults of the Withered Tongue, also running from 10AM-2PM


From 7PM-8PM two of New Agenda Publishing’s founders (Eloy Lasanta & Jerry Grayson) give you a run-down of 2018-2019 plans/releases, & how this new venture hopes to change the RPG Industry for the better at Welcome to New Agenda Publishing.

Immediately following join us for three simultaneous games from 8PM-Midnight:
The Burning Hands of Abosam, During an armistice between 2 warring Oro Houses, the heroes are tasked by the Union of Ascendancy with mediating peace.
The Switchblade Nebula
Vaults of the Withered Tongue


From 10AM-2PM, join us for a second shot at The Burning Hands of Abosam to round out our GenCon offerings.