A couple of months ago I get a ping from Eloy. He’s starting a community on Google Plus for Black game designers and artists and is inviting people in. I accept immediately and start looking around. I’m not sure who had the idea first but quickly the idea of combining our talents to form a company that could help polish and promote the games of people of color and other underrepresented voices bubbled up. A meeting invite went out to see who might be interested in such an undertaking. Four designers showed. The three guys had successfully published and KickStarted their own projects. I was… a little intimidated at first, but still super interested. That first chat turned into a second and a third, and we’ve started building a new game and system that I’ll be so excited to present to the world once we’ve gotten a little more work on it done.

Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye on this space. Exciting things are coming!