Hey everyone! I’m Eloy, and you may know me from a multitude of other projects that I’ve worked on in the past, as I’ve been in the RPG industry now for about 10 years. Third Eye Games is my company I started at that time, and a lot of games have my name on them.

I know the questions you all have. “What is this new website?” “Why are you starting a new company?” And to answer that I have to take you back to the 2017 ENnie Awards (I know — oh, so long ago).

I got up on stage and was honored to accept an ENnies for my game The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition. It was a labor of love, and it was a great night with lots of heart racing and excitement. And when it was over, a person came up to me. He said:

“I’ve been coming to the ENnies now for 14 years, and that was the first time I saw a brother accept an award.”

He said it hit him hard, but that realization also struck me as well, and it kind of put me on a mission. I wanted to see more black people and other people of color up on that stage. I think that the RPG publishing community would like to see that too.

So I started a G+ community for black game designers and artists, and found out that there really aren’t that many of us. I think we number around a dozen at this point, and it’s helpful to have a place to talk with people experiencing the same things as you.

Then, the idea came up that we could do even more. I’m all about activism and pushing the envelope on this idea. I have a mission after all, right? A few of us got together, we’ve had several meetings, have created infrastructure, and are now launching a new publishing venture. One owned and operated by people of color with a mission of widening the voices and experiences available to the RPG community.

I’m putting myself front and center. I’m showing up for duty. There is a new agenda for the future, and I’m a part of it.