Wanna know more about Orun?

Here you go! Orun is set just after a grand apotheosis, an awakening of the sentient beings. A time when enlightenment meant transcending the physical existence and moving beyond our understanding. Then, something went wrong. The heroes are emissaries, troubleshooters, special agents, and autonomous peacekeepers of the Union of Ascendancy, a coalition of worlds and […]

New Year! New Agenda!

New Agenda Publishing is a consortium dedicated to promoting diversity in the RPG community through our hiring and choices. We want to amplify underrepresented voices and help them tell new stories from their perspective. We want to bring more people of color and especially women of color to the table and we think the best way […]

Showing Up For Duty

Hey everyone! I’m Eloy, and you may know me from a multitude of other projects that I’ve worked on in the past, as I’ve been in the RPG industry now for about 10 years. Third Eye Games is my company I started at that time, and a lot of games have my name on them. […]

A big step forward

A couple of months ago I get a ping from Eloy. He’s starting a community on Google Plus for Black game designers and artists and is inviting people in. I accept immediately and start looking around. I’m not sure who had the idea first but quickly the idea of combining our talents to form a […]