Many hands make light work. ~ Haya (Tanzania) proverb

 I have a lot of “ifs” floating around in my head.  I’ve been around long enough to see a lot of great independent publishers come and go. Many had great products but couldn’t sustain the pace of making games and gassed out. The only reason I’m still around is that I’m too foolish to quit. Its hard work, but I love it.

Eloy made an invite to a community forum of People of Color RPG designers and talents. Seeing so much talent there working so hard gave me an idea. Actually, I’ve had this idea for a while marinating in the back of my head, but I never voiced it in the open.  I suggested a teaming up, combining all our collective expertise, and creating something more significant than the collective whole. If we all could go it alone, imagine what we could do together, what if we formed a proverbial black Voltron?!!  For my small indie offerings, I’ve done it all, writing, art direction, layout, art, marketing, etc. What If we all shared the collective burden and put our heads together? What if we brought together diverse talents, with diverse voices to make games that spoke to people not usually seen on an RPG cover? What if we took a cue from FUBU, and Def Jam, and Milestone Media.

There were a lot of ifs.

To my surprise, a lot of designers were receptive to my ifs and added a few buts. What I hope to do here is make jazz, cook gumbo, and riff and vibe off other creative talents moving in the same direction. I want to share their burden and make something better than I could ever do alone. I feel right about the future of diversity in gaming. I feel good standing shoulder to shoulder with men and women that not only share the same collective goals.

What if we tried to change the paradigm of the RPG industry, what would happen? If I invited you, would you come along for the journey?

7 thoughts on “A big “What If?”

  • I’m listening, but that seemed to boil down to ‘I want to try something’ and I need more of a direction/goal than that to give a firm yeah or nay on it. ‘Changing the paradigm’ means nothing if I don’t know what part we’re trying to move in what direction.

    • EloyL

      This new company is our answer, our direction. We’re using it as a platform to answer all those “what ifs.”

      • A ‘what if’ usually is a specific question. What if we wanted to make a game using Pathfinder where the goal was to make your fellow players laugh? What if wanted to set a RPG during a given historical period while allowing for a touch of fantasy? What if peanut butter and chocolate really didn’t get along and we were fooled all along?!

        What is the what if we’re facing?

        • JerryG


          What if we DID want to make a comedic Pathfinder game, would you come along for the ride?

          What if we did make a game about your chocolate and my peanut butter somehow getting mixed together, would you be there to share in the fun?

          What if we attempted to make a positive move forward in the RPG industry by exploring the myriad what ifs.

          Just… what if?

  • Josh Medin

    I’m interesting in seeing where you go; I hope that you do effect significant change, and shake things up. Show me what you’ve got. Amaze me.

    • Jerry Grayson

      Not sure what the question is asking. Are you asking should the games we make be treated as guides in your real life? Or are you asking if you can use the games we produces as materials for other games systems?


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